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After Planning Permission Guide

Self Build: Building Control Regulations and Standards


When you plan to build, extend or alter a property you will generally need to consider 2 separate issues - Building Control (or Regulations) and Planning Permission.

The vast majority of building projects are required to comply with Building Control (known as Standards in Scotland). They exist to ensure the health and safety of people using buildings and to provide for energy conservation and access to and from buildings.

Building Regulations are national regulations (ie England and Wales have one set of regulations, Scotland another) but are administered by local authorities. To comply with them, you, your builder or architect simply contacts your local authority Building Control Officer who will send you a form to complete which will include details and diagrams of the intended work. After you return this to your local authority you will be either receive Approval or a request for further information/clarification.

Once the Building Control Officer is satisfied with your plans you will receive Building Control Approval (or a Warrant). This process usually takes approx. 6-8 weeks. Once the building work is completed, it is likely that the Building Control Officer will want to inspect the work to ensure that it complies with the approval granted.


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