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Appeal - taking part in the process guide

Please look at the indicative criteria carefully before deciding which procedure to choose. The written method uses fewer resources both for the Inspectorate and the parties than appeals decided following a hearing or an inquiry. This is because when deciding a case by the written representations method the Inspector has only to visit the site and surroundings prior to making a decision. This is quicker and simpler to organise and undertake than a hearing or inquiry. Our Inspectors give equal attention to every appeal they handle regardless of the procedure – indeed for simpler cases the written method enables them to focus exclusively on the merits of the appeal without having to prepare for and give attention to a hearing or an inquiry. All our Inspectors are experienced professionals, very carefully recruited and trained, and all, from the newest to the most experienced, undertake written representation appeals. We would urge you to use the written method wherever possible.


View the "Guide to taking part in planning appeals" in PDF (509KB)


Planning Permision in the Open Countryside