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Neighbour Consultation Guide

Depending on the type of scheme the consultation zone may vary, the attached guidance note provides details of the distances we consult on as well as other elements of the procedure we follow.

When a planning application is received, the council makes it openly available for members of the public to comment on it.

They give it publicity in a number of different ways:


by listing all applications received on the planning applications register

by sending a neighbour consultation letter to the occupiers of those properties immediately adjoining the application site and others who are felt may be directly affected by the development

by publishing a notice in the local press.

by the display of notices on or near to the application site.

The amount of consultation carried out will vary depending on the scale and type of development being proposed and will be done in accordance with national statutory requirements and the council’s agreed policy and guidance.

You do not need to have received a letter from the council before you can comment on an application.

Viewing the proposal

Application documents and plans can be viewed

  • on the planning applications register 
  • at the council offices from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday without an appointment in most cases.

If you wish to talk to a planning officer about an application you have been consulted on, you are advised to make an appointment with the case officer whose contact details are listed against the application details in the planning applications register.

A duty planner is also generally available between 9am and 5pm to answer general questions, but may not be able to talk in detail about a specific application.

If you go to the council offices, please make a note of the address and number of the application you want to see and bring this with you. This will help us to get the right documents and plans for you to see.


Neighbour Consultation Guide - procedure for one council

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