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Safer Places: The Planning System and Crime Prevention

  • Published: 5 April 2004
  • Site: Planning, building and the environment


Safer Places will be of interest to anyone involved in the planning and design of new development. Its main audience is likely to be the officers and councillors in local authorities who guide and control development. But the guide will also be relevant to those who promote development and advise on it, including the Police.

Safer Places focuses on seven attributes of sustainability that are particularly relevant to crime prevention. The attributes are general and descriptive. They are not prescriptive. They are not a set of rules to be applied to all situations. Instead, they should be considered as prompts to thinking about crime prevention and promoting community safety through the planning system.

Please note: This publication is available free of charge to download below or as a priced publication available from Thomas Telford Limited, The Customer Services Department, Unit I/K, Paddock Wood Distribution Centre, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge TN12 6UU. Tel: 0207 665 2464, fax: 0207 665 2245. Please quote the ISBN when ordering.


Safer Places: The Planning System and Crime Prevention


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